The Mall
The life of 14 strangers is turned upside down after they choose to survive on their own in the only jungle where nothing is provided for free:
“A Shopping Mall”
Najem Al Saudia
A new singing program in search of Saudi male talents aged 15 and over, from different backgrounds, amateurs or professionals, to give them the opportunity to enter to each house, build their reputation, and equip them to move into a professional singing career, and climb the ladder of fame!At the end of the program, One winner will be named the Star, and will win many valuable prizes.
Notet Wasel
A new documentary series/reality where the presenter travels around the world exploring the local music of each country and spreading his culture to finally create a fusion between his country and foreign music . The show focuses on a real direct contact with music lovers, the discovery of traditions, musical culture as well as the panorama of a country on the social and artistic level. Each episode follows the presenter and the co-host as they meet a local talent musician as their guide in sea
The Quest
An Arabic Reality TV show in which 13 teams of two will race across the seven Emirates of the UAE. Over 12 episodes, the candidates will confront multiple obstacles, varying from physical challenges to solving mental tests, while discovering all kind of sceneries such as cities, deserts, mountains, islands, etc… and learning about the country’s heritage and culture.
Raii Al Qaseed
A poetry competition show where the poets across the UAE compete to win the title of the best Emirati Poet . The show has direct interaction between the viewer where and during the live shows , the people can still apply and enter the competition.
Al Zaim
AL ZAIM is the first political reality show in the MENA. Produced for Al jadeed TV in 2013.
Ghaneele Ta Ghaneelak
Al Muratel
Competition Talent Show for the most beautiful voice in the recitation and intonation of the Qoraan. After qualifying and selecting the 25 contestants, they recite the Qoraan in front of a jury composed of three accredited clerics: Sheikh Mashary Al-Afasi, Sheikh Osama Al-Safi and Sheikh Abdul Razzaq Al-Dulaimi.
Raai Al Shalat
A Cultural entertainment program opens the door for young talents to discover their talent abilities in traditional Emirati songs , and encourage them through the challenge to perform the cripples of the Abhaiz inherited in the UAE .
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